Monday, 26 October 2009

This should be the end of Patrick Mercer's career

I was going to blog in indignation about Patrick Mercer saying of a (possibly bad-taste) joke by Jimmy Carr (the taste comedian) that it:

"should be the end of Carr's career"

but then I find my moral high-ground being shot out from under me by friendly fire.

Nick Harvey is displaying Sandra Gidley-levels of opportunistic illiberalism here!

When will we learn?

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

House Price rises caused by lack of supply shocker

Damn right! Speaking as someone attempting to move at the moment, I can confirm that demand is massively outstripping supply.

At last someone speaks the truth.

After this BBC article a couple of weeks ago which trumpeted the rise in house prices with only a sentence referencing a possible supply issue it's good to see another BBC article today correctly identifying lack of supply as a driver.

Certainly, in my area, any 3 bed house that's any good doesn't even make it onto rightmove. Sold signs just appear.

UPDATE: Doh! Can't even get the title right...changed now

Telegraph Dr Who Captioning fail

Apparently William Ecclestone played the Doctor in 2005 according to this Telegraph gallery.

Friday, 2 October 2009

BBC news lack-of-perspective morons

According to the BBC news at 6, Rio's Olympic 2016 win (and Chicago's loss) is like:

"an international referendum on [Obama's] first nine months of leadership"

Er....what? Yeah, absolutely, the world is totally bummed by Obama's healthcare reforms and have really stuck it to him through this decision of the IOC, hell yeah!

Also, apparently, Rio won by basing their bid on sport! Who'd have though it? Basing an olympic bid on sport? That's the kind of revolutionary thinking you get in South America! We'd never have thought of that on...

Dozens of people turn up to see Clegg

Is it just me or does the phrase "Dozens of people turned up" in this article in the York Press about Nick's York public meeting mean that either:

a) Not many people turned up (a bit embarrassing)
b) A journalists is using it as a way of belittling us (cynical, moi?)

Does anyone now what the actual figure was?