Friday, 11 January 2019

Memes/links for (mostly) fighting the last war - full index

So I made an archive for general use of memes stolen without attribution over a period of arguing about brexit with people who are wrong on the internet

Full section index:

The 1975 Referendum

2016 Campaign - the single market

2016 Campaign -  other leave lies

2016 Campaign -  kick the establishment

2016 Campaign -  the vote

Trade - existing

Trade - Tariffs, deals and WTO 



Corbyn's long game

A new vote?



Brexit process and reasons

Tory politicians and their utterances

I say the last war because whilst it was all lies and cheating and foreign interference and despite how tempting it is, I don't think we should mention the previous campaign at all if we get a Peoples Vote as it would only serve to put us on the leave campaigns turf (rumoured slogan "Tell them again"). More on that anon.


Memes/links for (mostly) fighting the last war - Part 10 - Tory politicians and their utterances

Full video of Raab not realising we were an island

Goldsmith being helped by other brextremists

Digby-Jones counts as a Tory

A more appropriate Kipling poem

Cameron commemorated

Anyone noticed the similarities

Memes/links for (mostly) fighting the last war - Part 9 - brexit process and reasons

Should have had safeguards even the Tory constitution requires supermajorites and turnout thresholds for change

We never lost our sovereignty

May ruled out all possible deals with her ridiculous red lines

The transparency of the EU side

And Churchill wanted an EU army anyway

Why are we doing this anyway

Who funds that ERG anyway

I assume there isn't anyway one else interested in tax and I'm sure there all British

At least they're now a part of a front along with other "think tanks"