Friday, 11 January 2019

Memes/links for (mostly) fighting the last war - full index

So I made an archive for general use of memes stolen without attribution over a period of arguing about brexit with people who are wrong on the internet

Full section index:

The 1975 Referendum

2016 Campaign - the single market

2016 Campaign -  other leave lies

2016 Campaign -  kick the establishment

2016 Campaign -  the vote

Trade - existing

Trade - Tariffs, deals and WTO 



Corbyn's long game

A new vote?



Brexit process and reasons

Tory politicians and their utterances

I say the last war because whilst it was all lies and cheating and foreign interference and despite how tempting it is, I don't think we should mention the previous campaign at all if we get a Peoples Vote as it would only serve to put us on the leave campaigns turf (rumoured slogan "Tell them again"). More on that anon.


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