Tuesday, 19 July 2011

When the Pick of the Day isn't - Journalistic integrity WIN

I was reading the Metro on the train this morning and was annoyed to find little adverts for "Body of Proof" on the Alibi Channel strewn throughout the TV listings. This made it harder to scan the listings and was not on I thought. I then noticed a big advert for the same programme on the left page. So far so commercial but I also noticed that "Body of Proof" was the top "Pick of the Day". Now, I know this is the Metro, but surely "buying" the Pick of the Day is a bit rum. But then I read the review which I quote below:

Dr Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) is a police medical examiner who adheres to all the usual US procedural drama clich├ęs: she has a traumatic past and tricky personal life, and talks in the speedy, matter-of-fact, wisecracky way that all Workaholic Females In Tough Jobs have to. Quincy is available on DVD – you’re better off buying that instead.

Seems a certain TV reviewer wasn't happy about being told what to pick!