Monday, 7 March 2011

To be fair to Labour...

As I was repulsed by this article by shadow minister Yvette Cooper last week, it's only fair that I should praise senor Labour figure Sadiq Khan for this article in which he argues that Labour made a mistake by "playing tough" on crime and allowing the prison population to soar and that they didn't do enough on re-offending. He says:

"A focus on rehabilitation and reducing reoffending was seen as being soft on crime, when in fact it is effective in reducing crime."

Blimey, it read like LibDem policy, one of course Labour relentlessly criticised us as being "soft on crime" for.

Anyway, I for one welcome this sensible progressive thinking. It is, of course, a shame they couldn't have done something about it when they had 13 years of untrammeled power! (instead of shutting down the debate and appealing to the lowest common denominator in the most disgusting way)

I look forward to Mr. Khan's support for Ken Clarke's liberal prison reforms. What are the chances of persuading Mr & Mrs. Balls though? I wonder who has the greater share of the ear of Mr. Milliband?

Update: Doh! Mr. Khan isn't a minister yet but is close to Ed M. Modified accordingly.