Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Would you be willing to serve in a Tim Farron government?

No, really, bear with me...

It seems clear to me that the Lynton Crosby Tory campaign will go with the highly successful "vote LibDem, get a coalition or chaos with awful people" stratergy in order to stop us.

This works very well with Ed Milliband (rather unfairly) but imagine how much more effective this will be with Corbyn!

We need to neutralise this early, but how?

We can't say we won't join a colation with anyone as that just makes us pointless.

We can't say we wouldn't join a coaltion with Labour/Tory as the other side will say a vote for us is a vote for Tory/Labour (Corbynistas are already trying this one).

However I think Tim should make a "big, open and comprehensive offer" to moderate MPs from all parties to form an alternate colation of national unity after the election. This would then exclude Corbyn and May and thier accolytes but gives us a viable (and exciting) story to tell.

Also wouldn't it be great if MPs started to be asked "Would you be willing to serve in a Tim Farron government?" 

Oh by the way, just thought I'd leave my previous post here (to show that I have a working crystal ball if you ignore all the other predictions I've made that didn't happen) : Is May Gearing up to a General Election?