Friday, 15 November 2013

CBeebies repeating themselves

I knew I wasn't going mad!

As those of you who have the pleasure of toddlers will understand, I know all the CBeebies Bedtime Stories back to front and sideways.When I saw Winnie's Flying Carpet the other week, I'm sure they had done it before with that Mrs. Meldrew. Well here's the proof:

Much as I love Shobna, if I were Annette Crosby I'd be a bit narked!

Surely they must have a list of ones they've already done?

If they are short of stories, (which they must be if we have to put up with awful story-free ones such as Goodnight Digger and Lucky fecking Wish Mouse!), why not try one of our toddler's favourites "The Lost Stars" (amazon link - I really should get an affiliate account so I could make money out of both my readers, I could make literally pence on a link to a boxset of "Wire in the Blood" - most popular post ever).

My favorite Beebies fact is that Captin Barnacles is played by geordie Michael from I'm Alan Partridge!
I told people he was a geordie, oh yes, but would anybody listen...

Google really has killed all pub arguments.