Monday, 28 February 2011

Coalition now on the side of rapists...

...according to Labour!

That's right, whilst we're all giving a hearty two cheers to the Freedom Bill and we're all being told that with that nice Ed M in charge, Labour is eschewing it's authoritarian ways and reaching out to us liberal types, Mrs Ed B writes "Relaxing DNA rules could reduce rape convictions".

Whilst it would be easy to pull her tawdry argument apart we know these are intelligent people (aren't they?) so we must assume this is just mendacious rather than meant. However can you spot the slight (!) disconnect between these two conjoined statements:

"Cooper is alarmed that DNA will be retained only in "limited circumstances" if someone is arrested but not charged with rape."


"Labour said this was a "huge missed opportunity" because studies have shown that the reoffending rate for rape is as high as 29%."

? Sigh...

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