Sunday, 13 February 2011

Conservatives for AV banned from own Conference

I hear, via Yes2AV, that the Conservatives for AV group have been banned from their own spring conference. The article on ConservativeHome from their leader is here. As always with ConservativeHome, it is the comments which are more fascinating and telling than the article. These are mostly concerned with any party advantage that can be gained from any voting system instead of any principles but my favorite comment is this from "neocon":

"Keeping FPTP is no guarantee of anything .It just produced a Coalition and produced Minority and Coalition Govts in the first half of the 20th Century.

If as Prof John Curtice and the IPPR suggest that we will see many more Coalitions in the years to come with AV or FPTP then obviously we must stop this.

My view is legislate so that we only allow two political parties at Westminster and then we and labour can take turns and only have to govern on our own." (my emphasis)

I don't think further comment is required!

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