Friday, 5 December 2008

Paddick of the Jungle

Cobden's Comments has finally broken the self-imposed vow of silence (is that embarrassed silence?) of the LibDem blogosphere on the subject of one B. Paddick in the jungle.

I have nothing to add to what he said except to add a follow-up Daily Mail article on the subject for your further embarrassed cringing.

Yes, I know it's the Daily Mail but the fact it comes across as eminently believable (to me) just goes to show just how badly our former mayoral candidate came across during his fortnight in the jungle.


Julian H said...

Agreed. When are we going to cut our affiliation with such an embarrassing figure?

Anonymous said...

Actually what has probably happened is that the Daily Mail are annoyed that Brian won't give them his comments/story for free, seeing as they often use him (and indeed he may be under contract with them) for other articles and pieces over the course of a year.