Sunday, 8 November 2009

What should I get instead of Norton?

My Norton subscription is coming to end and and recently it has been causing me terrible problems with it using 99% CPU (ccSvcHst.exe) whilst seemingly doing nothing.

I want to replace it with something else. Should I just go for another commercial program like McAfee or should I go for the free AVG (which geeks seem to rave about)?

Any recommendations?


Colin said...

If your Norton is using 99% of cpu you should be finding out why before worrying about the best choice of anti-virus or internet security software.

You may need to clean your PC or get more memory, otherwise you new software may also have problems.

You can find several comparative reviews on Google. Norton is generally in their top 10, but not number one - neither is McAfee.

Anonymous said...

I've used all the ones you mention, and I prefer F-Secure to any of them. It uses less space, doesn't nag me as much and generally behaves better. I discovered them through their blog, which is written in language I can understand and often explains Windows problems and fixes more clearly than the stuff Microsoft put out. I also use their online backup software.