Thursday, 7 January 2010

National Rail website makes itself less useful

With the news that the National Rail website has fallen over in the snow, I thought I'd articulate a problem I have with the websties revamp.

A month or so back, they revamped the website to make it prettier. However before when you would search for a journey and you clicked on "details" next to any resultant journey, you would get a page of the details of the 5 or so consecutive journeys after the time you wanted. This made it easy to compare the details of the journeys leaving at different times.

Now, on the new pretty site when you click on the details next to a suggested journey you get a page with only the details for that one journey and not the others. This makes it a real pain to try and compare them.

This makes my life that little bit less easy.

Progress, my a*se!

UPDATE: An anonymous commentator has pointed out that if you hover over the number of changes than you get a pop-up with the changes in. This seems to be the case but I'm sure it didn't do this when I wrote the post as I checked for this. Maybe something has been fixed.


Anonymous said...

What information are you looking to compare? I can only think of changing times if you've got a journey with more than one leg. If you hover over the number of changes - it brings up the details of the legs without having to click. Much more useful IMO.

LibCync said...

This does seem to work. I'm sure it wasn't doing this when I last checked.