Saturday, 20 March 2010

Cameron copies another LibDem policy - where are our press team?

So, I hear on the Radio 4 news at 9am that David Cameron has announces that he wants to introduce a levy on the banks and apparently Labour would support a similar scheme but only with international agreement. Hmm, I'm sure we've been calling for something similar for a long time.

Then at 10am, we not only get the same headline but also a snippet of a speech by Dave saying how the taxpayers should get something back for bailing out the banks. No that sounds really familiar, almost word for word one might say.

And here is the BBC's online version in which there is no mention of us.

Where is our press team springing into action and informing the BBC of the ommisions they are making this close to a general election? Do they not work at weekends?

I'm hoping I'm wrong and the party is working hard as we speak to rectify these omissions from the supposedly impartial BBC. Well are we?

UPDATE: Well on the 12pm news they mentioned that we want to break up the banks but didn't mention that we also support a levy which suggests that we don't by omission.

More success with the online article (thanks John)which has been updates with a good Vince quote:

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrat economics spokesman Vince Cable said: "The other parties seem to be moving on to ground the Liberal Democrats have occupied for some time: banks must pay for the protection they enjoy from the taxpayer."
Mr Cable said his party had been "very specific about how this crucial issue should be tackled, after extensive discussion with the City and others".
He said it was "seriously worrying that both the Conservatives and the government still do not seem to have worked out a specific proposal".

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Senior said...

I don't think you should blame the press team for not pointing out that David Cameron had announced something Liberal Democrats have been campaigning for. Nick Clegg wants to be prime minister. He should have demanded an interview with the BBC in which he could explain that the Liberal Democrats had been calling for higher taxes on bankers long before David Cameron's announcement.