Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Hotmail printing problems - pathetic response

Now obviously I made a rod for my own back way back when I chickened out of moving this particular silver surfer off Hotmail and onto a proper email system, but I didn't so there it is...

He is having problems printing his emails with the "new, improved" (ha!) Hotmail. Instead of printing paragraphs wrapped correctly it is just printing one long line which overruns the paper.

Not using this particular tentacle of the Beast of Redmond myself, I first looked at the online help. It didn't mention printing at all (Hotmail has it's own print button)! I then used my honed googling skillz but couldn't find a solution. The nearest I found to an official answer were on two Microsoft forums. This one had a post from the Hotmail development team saying there are aware of the issue and suggested cutting and pasting the text into a word processor (!) and this one a post from the moderator that suggested printing in landscape!

How can they leave such an obvious bug to persist for so long (at least 4 months now)?

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