Saturday, 14 March 2009

TV Drama - Good and Bad

Firstly some good news, BBC2 is going to show all 5 series of The Wire. I've never seen it but its reputation precedes it. Worryingly, the BBC say it "will be shown stripped across the week". Does this mean on several days a week? I'm not so keen on this as it probably means I won't have time to watch all of them!

I have also been watching the Red Riding Trilogy on Channel 4, another drama that's supposed to be brilliant. However, whist the cast and direction are excellent, I'm not sure they haven't left out half the plot! I tend to agree with the sentiments expressed in this satirical article. As Mrs. LibCync sagely said "It's so deep, it's shallow". I was hoping the second episode might fill in some of the blanks from the first episode so it was less disjointed and underwhelming but it didn't. I'm in two minds whether to bother with the last part. Should I?

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