Tuesday, 14 April 2009

"I"PCC admit there may be CCTV footage of Ian Tomlinson

Blimey, an Easter weekend is a long time in the political blogosphere. I go away for a few days and all hell breaks loose!

Anyways, before all this, in a previous post I speculated that maybe the G20 CCTV footage of previous police contacts with the unfortunate Ian Tomlinson might conveniently disappear.

And lo, it came to pass.

It now seems, the "I"PCC now admits (forced by continued scrutiny I imagine...keep it up!) that their chairman was wrong to claim that they were no CCTV cameras in the area. It's okay though as he "believed he was correct at the time" and "it now appeared there were cameras in the surrounding area". Really in the City of London? Cameras in London? Wow!

(So, how do we stop them obtaining the footage and then "losing" it?)

On a related note, I listened to The Reunion on Radio 4 with people who were involved in the
Hillsborough disaster 20 years ago. It was quite an emotional programme but what struck me was that some of the survivors said they were taken aback by the speed at which the Police lies (let's not beat around the bush by calling it spin) operation seemed to start in earnest. Apparently, within 30 minutes of the tradgedy, stories were coming out of the police control room of fans urinating on the dead etc.

Plus ca change!


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