Friday, 17 April 2009

Tory Brian Coleman says G20 assault woman was asking for it!

Tory London Assembly member Brian Coleman said:

"Nicky Fisher turned up to this protest, which everyone said could be violent. She put herself in this situation – and lo, she was hit.

"It's like going gambling and then complaining that you've lost money.

"All right-thinking people will have little sympathy for her. The police were dealing with a very serious situation caused by some very silly people."

I'm amazed Brian Coleman is still in a job. It was he who recently had a go at our Lynne Featherstone for calling out the fire brigade even though she was following official fire brigade advice. Brain Coleman is also chair of the London Fire Authority.

Maybe he has a problem with women?


Anonymous said...

I'm not terribly happy about this woman allegedly negotiating a media deal - if those reports are true - but the essentia point is - the right to dissent is a fundamental part of the democratic process and it is the duty of the police in a democratic society to uphold the right to dissent.

This woman was clearly giving the policeman a bit of lip but I would have thought this merited at most an arrest for a breach of the peace - definitely not the vicious assault which appears to have taken place.

Julian H said...
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Julian H said...

Oops, typo, will try again...Aha, he is completely and utterly radio rental, gets worse by the week. It really takes something to appear more corrupt, obnoxious and generally wrong about everything than even Labour in these days of ours.