Monday, 15 September 2008

Conference reduced to less than 1m20s

...Just now on the 6 O'Clock News. First and only mention was at 6:23pm. I normally would have switched off by then (especially after another turgid but lengthy report on the Labour party).

We were even beaten by a Buck House press release about Prince William.

"traditionally seen as a tax and spend party", "complete turnaround", hmm, well it least it sort of got our message out, even if it was illustrated by a particularly dull bit of Vince's speech. (Sorry Vince!)

I was going to pen a piece about our coverage and lack thereof (esp. BBC) ages ago but first waited for our Make It Happen launch (which manged to get Nick a spot on the coveted post-8:30am, everyone's gone to work and stopped listening spot on Today) and now I think I'll see how conference is reported from the outside (I'm not there)...

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