Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Terrible headline and it's all our fault!

The BBC is now covering Nick's speech as Lib Dems 'headed for government' as I worried about in my previous post.

This just makes us look delusional or just another bunch of faker politicians who will say anything regardless of the what people know to be truth. More importantly it obscures the important messages that we were trying to put out.

Yes, I know it wasn't meant in that way but we should know by now how these things pan out in the media (I'm sure they've picked up on something similar and used it as the main message in previous leader's speeches in the past - and I put my head in my hands then as well!)

We as LibDems have to put as simple a message as possible out without anything extraneous the media could use to distract from it. We make similar mistakes every year. Yes, you could say that the media would always pick up on something but we shouldn't make it easy for them.

The other distraction is the robocalling but so far we seem to have been lucky having watched the BBC's 6 O'Clock report but we'll have to see tomorrow's papers to see if we've managed to dodge that particular distracting bullet.

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Alix said...

Just reading back through your first month's archive, and I have a feeling we are going to agree on a lot of things!

But in this particular case I think you're a bit off beam. There's no need to be worried about a statement that we're "heading for government". I mean, I think we are, don't you? It's one of those things where one shouldn't get too paranoid - some people will take it the right way, as a serious statement of intent, and pay more attention as a result, and some people will take it as hubris. Rather than trying to call which is the "better" way, I'm all for just saying what we think.