Tuesday, 16 September 2008

We've got to keep this tax message clear..Danger sighted

Listening to Nick's interview this morning on the Today programme, I can see a potential narrative danger arising.

Firstly, I think Nick mixed up his millions and billions a few times (at least I think he did, better watch that).

But more worryingly, the interview left me with an impression that we were just saying tax cuts were a good idea but we didn't have any costed (typical wooly LibDems). Whereas the position is that the 4p cut in income tax is fixed and it's just further tax haven't been costed yet (due to state of country's finances etc.).

I think the lie that we haven't committed to anything, are being typically wooly, sums don't add up, not serious etc. is one that our opposition parties and the media will gladly pick up on and repeat ad nauseum and we need to nip it in the bud quickly.

We should (if we have the power) deflect the story away from possible future tax cuts (wooly) and let them conflate the "defining tax vote" and the already announced 4p income tax cut.

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