Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Have Sainsbury's embraced their inner Jamie Oliver?

Last Thursday, I was sent out to go and buy some bacon.

Luckily Sainsbury's had some nice-looking branded (Walls) bacon on one of their special offer end-of-aisle displays. It had a third off.

This usually means it's nearing it's sell-by date. This was surprisingly not the case.

The packaging had block read and blue colouring and had a suitably regal-looking crest which would make the casual observer (i.e., me) think it was British.

That night we watched Jamie Saves Our Bacon on which he used that very pack as an example of a bacon pack that is designed to mislead people into thinking it was British when it wasn't.

I wonder if Sainsbury's were clearing their shelves of this product before the programme went out?

Then I see an advert for Sainsbury's in a newspaper advertising their free-range British pork with the strapline "Our Values make us different".

I know there is a certain amount of cynical marketing going on here but if Jamie Oliver's association with Sainsbury's can make them alter there policies for the better then that's all to the good.

I'm not sure this is what Sainsbury's were expecting when they started their association with Jamie Oliver (and there were a lot of awkward accusations of conflict and/or hypocrisy when he started out on his various crusades) but maybe they have now managed to reconcile themselves with his work.

Maybe they have embraced their inner Jamie Oliver?

Or maybe I'm a hopeless optimist/naive...

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