Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My condolences to the Camerons but should we cancel PMQs?

The news of the death of their son is very sad. My full condolences are with them. Losing a child must be terrible. They should be left alone to grieve until they are ready to face the world again.

Having said that, on the slightly seperate issue of the cancellation of Prime Ministers Questions I'm finding myself having some truck with the views put forward by both Guido and Michael White (an unusual combination).

Don't we have deputies for this?

Michael White says "Ivan Cameron's death is a matter for private grief" and I think this is the point.

Whilst deeply sad, it is a personal tragedy. Yes people should express sympathy (and I do) and offer support where they can but should we just drop the process of holding the government to account when a politician suffers a personal tragedy?

Obviously, the knock-about Punch and Judy Style of PMQs wouldn't have been inappropriate but maybe they could have then had a sober PMQs where people ask sensible question and get sensible answers. Just a thought. Maybe they could do this every week anyway?

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