Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Barclaycard are sneaky gits!

Having abandoned my Barclaycard long ago, I am unfortunately now back in the fold as they have taken over my Morgan Stanley/Goldfish cashback card.

So they've cancelled my old card before its expiry and sent me a new one, meaning I'll have to be vigilante for invalidated card details left around the interweb when I want to buy something. I have also had to register for their online serivce in order to easily pay the bill.

Now on all previous cards (including the last Barclaycard) the online pay options were as follows:

- Pay previous bill in ful - say £500 (let's call that B)
- Pay minimum amount - say - £20
- Pay custom amount

I would always pay the previous bill in full.

Now, I notice the options are:

Your previous bill was £500 (B).
- Pay current balance - ie. previous bill + recent spending - say £500 + £200 (B + R)
- Pay minimum amount - say - £20
- Pay custom amount

So, there is no longer an option to just pay my bill. I have to copy the amount into the custom amount box.

They are trying to trick me into over paying! If you weren't used to this you would just pay the larger amount thinking this is what you do (as it's presented as the default!).

Sneaky gits!

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