Saturday, 11 October 2008

Troopergate: Unbridled Joy!

Is it wrong/immature to react to the conclusion of the Troopergate report with unbridled joy?

I have to say I did. When I heard the news on the 9am Radio 4 news this morning whilst lying in bed and did let out a semi-shouted "Yes!". That was in reaction to the news by the way (Mrs. L was still asleep:). And when it came round again at 10am I still listened to it with a big grin on my face.

I've found it fascinating to follow its reporting on US news sites and especially how the Republicans/Fox News are responding (by pretending it said something else really). Apparently the reason it came out so late on Friday was that the Republicans were delaying it past the deadline for the evening news bulletins. I hope it isn't forgotten or spun away by Monday.

I've found this US election the most interesting one I can remember.

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John said...

Yes it's been the most entertaining ever.

In the MSM there's going to be a run on Palin - by Monday they'll feature Pastor Muthee, per diem claims or her terrible views on women's issues - they were just looking for the backdrop in case they were called `sexist`.