Tuesday, 28 October 2008

US election night parties in the UK?

Whilst it seems the great and the good get to go to a party in the US embassy, what about the rest of us?

Adrian Sanders points us to this pro-Obama party in South Kensington run by Americans Away from Home and I've found this more bi-partisan event in Leicester Square.

So far so London-centric. What about the rest of the country? Flock Together only lists an event in Winchester. I seem to remember reading about a Welsh LibDem event but my best google-skillz can't unearth it. Is there anything else out there?

A feature of the two London parties seems to be live streaming of CNN & Fox which brings me to my next question, what are the terrestrial channels doing about it. Is there something for those without a party to watch on TV?

Well, the BBC are doing they're own thing but I'd much rather watch the real thing rather than what Dimbleby and his minions decide we should see, filtered through their bad-graphics and smug party! Also ITV are doing a results show but I'd rather have to ability to watch/laugh at Fox News when the good news (hopefully) starts coming in!

Is there a way to get the raw stuff (the interweb I suppose but it's not the same)?

It's time to party like it's 1997!


Andy said...

You need to find yourself in front of a TV with Sky, and stick it on channel 509, for much shadenfreude fun.

LibCync said...

Duncan Barrowman has posted a similar thing only one minute after mine! However it is far more useful:

LibCync said...

Borrowman Doh! Too much Torchwood addling my brain...

Forshame I don't have Sky...