Saturday, 18 October 2008

Ros - "She's clearly the best one"

I sent away the wife (very non-political) with the three A4s that came with the presidential ballot paper and asked her to look through them and tell me how I should vote. After a while, I went and asked for her conclusions. (yes, it's that fun in our house!)

She pulled out Ros's and said "Well, she's clearly the best one".

About Lembit she said "He should stop appearing on TV".

On Chandila's, I'm afraid she was quite negative and used a lot of bad words, which I will paraphrase as "bloody student!". She also said "He'll probably be leading your party in the future as that's how politics works". She didn't mean that as a compliment!

Anyways, she decided on the order:

Ros - 1
Lembit - 2
Chandila - 3

which, interestingly, was exactly the same as mine.


Anonymous said...

Three excellent candidates to choose from, I thought it would be too hard to make my mind up. However it was easy:
1/ Fernando - a new broom, some really fresh thinking.
2/ Scott - sorry too many establishment figures backing you, we need change.
3/ Opik - you're disqualified by being an PM - sorry but my rules are my rules.

LibCync said...

Thanks for your comment Chandila. :)