Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Another Labour press release masquerading as news in the Guardian

I'll just draw your attention to this Guardian article about Labour selecting its candidate for the Glasgow North East by-election (the ex-speaker's seat). It starts:

"Labour has tried to seize the initiative in the Glasgow North East byelection forced by the resignation of Michael Martin by selecting a prominent local activist as the party's candidate."

Now I can't imagine them starting an article about the SNP (or LibDem) selection in the same way, including copious standard fighting quotes from the candidate and then go onto to repeat an non-story smear about Labour from the SNP press office like they do about the SNP form Labour here:

"The SNP expects to select its candidate next Tuesday. Party officials denied charges from the Scottish secretary, Jim Murphy, that they were struggling to find a candidate"

Anyway, at least they have selected a local activist:

He said "This is my home; I know the challenges and problems that local people face every day."

uh huh...

"Labour has chosen William Bain, 36, the locally born secretary of Glasgow North East constituency Labour party..."

good good...

"...and a public law lecturer at London South Bank University."

Eh? How does that work then? Does he commute to London everyday for work? How "prominent" a local activist can he be?

Top quality investigative journalism from the Guardian again when it comes to Labour!

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