Sunday, 21 June 2009

Normal service is resumed, Iain Dale back to his partisan dissembling self

Phew! After my slightly worrying previous post praising Iain Dale for not making hay with the on-going Michael Brown donation palaver and detailing a growing respect for him (eek!) he has reverted to type with this post about the recent selection of April Pond to fight the Norwich North by-election for us.

Apparently selecting the already selected PPC for a new seat made out of some of Norwich North as our candidate for the current Norwich North seat fought under the old boundaries makes us "a bit dim"! He is also careful to stay on script and push the Tory squeeze message "Let's make an assumption that she loses - after all, the LibDems have never really done anything in Norwich North in the past and always come third".

I find this somehow reassuring as it reinforces my existing views and pulls me back from the brink of having to challenge them. Thanks Iain for providing certainty in an uncertain world!

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