Monday, 1 June 2009

Could the Guardian come out for the LibDems? There may now be a financial incentive.

Well, I'll believe when I see it! LibDemVoice has been pondering the significance of the Observer's endorsement in releation to the Guardian.

The Grauniad has always been frustratingly mealy-mouthed about the LibDems. For years people like Polly Toynbee have written long pathetic articles saying how we need electoral reform, opposition to Iraq, a more redistributive system, a more sensible approach to drugs, a less punitive justice system, civil liberties, more transparency etc. but hey that Labour party might just start doing it so keep the faith brothers (despite the last decade of evidence to the contrary)! Just like those socialists at university in 1997 who went round with placards saying "We don't trust Tony Blair" we're still going to vote for him because we have little brains.

Anyway, now I think they may have a financial reason to finally take the plunge. If/when the Independent goes under they'll be a whole load of newly adrift readers looking for a new home. I would, cautiously suggest that a lot of them would be naturally LibDem-inclined and if the Guardian wants to hoover up the majority of them then they neeed to be less of a craven house paper for Labour. I should be a natural reader of the Guardian but I really can't stand the smugness and intellectual dishonesty around issues of party and I can't believe I'm alone.


Edis said...

Recall the Polly Toynbee was a SDP bien-pensant and wrote pro-Alliance pieces in the Guardian. She went back into the journalistic boondocks after the Liberal-SDP merger, and was seduced by the Nu-Lab blandishments. Her feelings about a successful LibDem party are likely to be ambivalent let us say.

Barrie Wood said...

Toynbee is a top-down, we know what's best for you, archetypal champagne social democrat. She still desperately hopes for Labour to deliver, after all these years. The present incarnation of that party can't ans won't !

Recently I asked a Labour councillor friend of mine to list the progressive achievements of his party since 2005. It was a VERY short conversation for sure.

I may hate the Tories, but there's little prospect of radical reform from Labour either !