Sunday, 25 April 2010

Another twitter election error (this time from a Tory)

The Tory deputy mayor for Bishop's Stortford, Keith Warnell, has been caught out being offensive to local six formers on twitter (wlll they ever learn!).

Mr Warnell saw two sixth formers out campaigning with the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate and tweeted:

“Bloody sixth form canvassing in town today, good grief whatever next”

Oops! The sixth formers in question saw the tweet and complained to the paper. Mr Warnell did not apologise for the tweet instead saying "he did not realise comments were public"

The Bishop's Stortford Observer has the full story.


keith warnell said...

Suggest you read the formal apology in this weeks Herts and Essex Observer....

LibCync said...


Will do, I hope it's on the web.

keith warnell said...

I expect they will put it on but not under my control