Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Same "ordinary member of the public" used in Conservative broadcasts 6 months apart

Can you give me your opinion on this? Are these women the same person?

First in this Conservative broadcast from November 2009 (at 1:02):

And second in tonight's election broadcast (starting at 10 seconds in):

she even has the same lovely blue coat (shown at 1:01 in tonights broadcast).

In the first video she is at a CameronDirect event, an ordinary member of the public explaining why she is considering voting Conservative (Brown hasn't done very well, looking for a change) and in tonight's broadcast she has made the decision to go blue.

Now this could be a great Tory success story of an undecided who has been persuaded by Cameron's charisma to come into the fold or maybe she wasn't an ordinary member of the public (with a nice blue coat) initially at all! Or maybe she isn't the same women at all and it's just my eyes...

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