Thursday, 15 April 2010

How will The Sun spin this?

The poll commissioned specially for the Sun has 51% saying that Nick won. How are they going to spin that?

LibDem's pull wool over voters' eyes?
Style over substance win for LibDems?

Should be interesting...

UPDATE: They went for "Cameron voted 'Best PM' in Sun poll"! Gotta love 'em!

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steve said...

I'm so totally unimpressed with the way the media is reacting to the fantastic outright win for Nick in the first leaders debate.
Most of the tv news anchors are tory voters on a good "wedge" at the licence payers expense. They were all expecting it to be tory time.
Now that the public have actually had a chance to hear what Nick has to say without the medias distortion, it seems that many like what he has to say and the confidence and passion with which he says it.
This has put the tories and the media into panic. "Oh my god we might have to start paying some sort of tax instead of getting everyone else to pay it."
Come on The Lib Dems, lets get everyone out to vote for the lib dems, on the 6th of may, everywhere no matter even if its a "safe" tory seat. I'm telling everyone why they should go out and vote lib dems.
Lets get the Tories and labours snouts out of the trough and reform politics, making a fairer more transparent government.
Well done Nick Clegg. I'm sure he'll win the next two also. And hopefully the election if people actually go out to vote, go and do it! May 6th, Vote Lib Dems