Friday, 28 November 2008

The Arrest of Damian Green - Heads should roll!

If the reporting of this story is correct, then this is truly appalling.

It's inconceivable that someone senior in government didn't know about this. If this is true and they didn't try to stop it, they should resign, simple as. And that goes for those senior in the Met too.

As least this might might make it easier to argue with my Tory in-laws who think my talk of Civil Liberties, dangerous anti-terror laws, breakdown of trust in the police is a lot of fuss and nonsense.

Now one of theirs has been affected they may take a different view.

I think it was Al Franken (or was it Micheal Moore?) who, in one of their books, wrote an ode praying that right-wingers would have all kinds of terrible things happen too them so that they would them do something about them (ie. Reagan getting Alzeimers changed a lot of right-wing attitudes about stem-cell research).

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