Tuesday, 25 November 2008

PBR response - Meh

Well, that was underwhelming, maybe because of the widespread leaking.
Worse though was the sheer size of the wasted opportunity (or maybe even worse that this wasn't in any way suprising).

Whilst obviously I'd have liked them to adopt LibDem tax policies in full, I just wish they'd done something useful and good.

I think this was a 1997-type moment when they got have got away with anything progressive but just didn't bother.

I can't see how the temporary VAT cut will make any significant difference to anything and the rise in NI ( a b*stard mix of income tax and a tax on job creation) is just wrong-headed (but is always used because people don't really understand NI so let it pass more than other taxes).

I remember, back in the day, when it was LibDem policy (or was it an aspiration) to cut NI in preference to other taxes.

It's just so dispiriting, they could have announced some great changes but just didn't. What's this about bringing forward road building? What about shoving investment into new railways or at least something that will bring great benefit to the country in the long term? There must have been capital projects that they wouldn't never have normally been able to get going that they could have done.


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