Thursday, 6 November 2008

Ipswich Labour MP Chris Mole - what an arse!

Ipswich's Labour MP Chris Mole has called on the BBC to sack Jeremy Clarkson for a joke he made about lorry driver & prostitutes alluding to the Ipswich murders. He said:

"For Mr Clarkson to make light of murder in any circumstance must be a dismissible offence.

"To do so with complete disregard for the families of the murdered women should make this a matter on which I would expect you to take immediate action."

If a comedian makes a joke is made about Fred West, should we expect the MP for Gloucester to try and get them sacked and are Shipman jokes now off-limits by order of the MP for Hyde?

But it's worse than that, he actually says "make light of murder in any circumstance"!

What an arse!


Costigan Quist said...

He sounded to me like someone trying desperately to jump on a populist bandwagon, not realising that it's been and gone without him.

Anonymous said...

Chris Mole is a Hypocrite. He say's he knows how the families feel, yet he hasn't even spoken to them. He is using other people’s distress to further his own political cause. Chris Mole should tender his resignation.

Clarkson's comments were not specific to any particular crime or incident, and in the context of the show were in jest.