Saturday, 29 November 2008

I call it - The Independent is dead!

My parent's have bought the Independent from Day 1 (back in 1986 when I was 11) and have had it daily ever since. They were absolutely the right Alliance-voting, sick with Murdoch (I think we had The Times before) demographic who felt totally in sync with the new paper's philosophy.

They have stuck with it through thick and (increasingly) thin.

Since I left home (15 years ago) I haven't really got a daily newspaper but I have read recently in Private Eye how it's been going downhill and become celeb-obsessed under the editorship of Roger Alton (formerly of The Observer - you would have thought that would bode well).

Well, my parents told me in a phone call that they are finally thinking of dropping The Independent because they don't read half of the paper anymore and it seems to be all about celebrities.

I could never imagine them not getting The Independent so I think this is a watershed moment. It may continue but it's definitely not now the same paper.

They are considering The Guardian...


Darrell G said...

Lol me and my partner have said exactly the same thing...did you know the Indy is moving into office share with the Daily Mail to cut costs??

Julian H said...

I thought this post was going to be about the word on the (Fleet) street - that the Indie really does have one foot in the grave.

From what I've heard it may not exist this time next year.

LibCync said...

Ah, Darell G reminds me, my parents also said "They're trying to turn it into the Daily Mail"!

Anonymous said...

The Indie has been moving right for a few months now. I just find it more difficult to read it every day.