Thursday, 29 January 2009

Gaza will fuel UK extremism says minister

A couple of weeks back I published a post challenging Iain Dale's blind defence of Israeli actions in Gaza. I got a comment from the blogfather himself (Bwahaha my ego-boosting plan worked!) just acknowledging that there are two sides.

Because of this, I was trying to think of an argument against the Israeli actions that would convince a Tory (i.e. a selfish argument). So, I put in the comments at the time that they would make me in the UK less safe. It now seems that the counter-terrorism minister Lord West agrees with me.

Obviously this is all obvious stuff as it was when Tony Blair was smarmily denying any kind link between Iraq and any greater risk at home but it's unusual for a minister to say it out loud. Although Lord West does have form for truth-telling....

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Anonymous said...

You could have reminded Iain Dale that Israel celebrated terrorism in 2006 – the bombing of the King David Hotel. Does Dale et al believe Israelis killing British soldiers and police is ok.