Thursday, 22 January 2009

Latest political compass - UKIP voters agree with me?

Well, I thought I'd take the political survey 2005 that all the cool cats seems to be doing.

My results are here assuming they are persistent.

Apparently, on crime and punishment, Europe, and other transnational issues including immigration and international law, 90% of the population are to the right of me, worryingly (or maybe not depending on your viewpoint) 76% of LibDems are also to the right of me (compared with 99% of Tories and 83% of Labour).

On public and private involvement in the economy, international trade, redistributive taxation and Iraq, a reassuring 52% of LibDems agree with me (however 55% of Labour do and 43% of Tories).

For the first axis, Green voters have views most like mine and on the second, it's UKIP voters! Shurely shome mistake?

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