Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Doctor - Thumbs up!


My heart sank when they said he was the youngest ever Doctor. Oh no, the BBC have nobbled Moffat we thought!

Then it was revealed, Matt Smith. Sorry for having doubted you Mr Moffat. This, IMHO, is a good choice. I loved Party Animals (and it was a absolute travesty the way the BBC didn't advertise it all and then didn't renew it...if I ran the BBC I tell you...) and he was good in it.

Also, I think announcing it with an interview with the actor in the Confidential was a good move as it allowed the audience to get to know him and defuses a lot of the traditional fan whinges before they get going. The Confidential was still a bit up itself what with Russell T Davis and his cohorts (I can't wait for him to go so I can watch these with a bit less cringing) but I am now hopeful for the future of the whoniverse.


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