Friday, 16 January 2009

Will Dale make a semi-U-turn on Israel like he did on Sarah Palin?

During the US election campaign, Conservative blogger Iain Dale spent a long time with his head in sand over issues of Sarah Palin's competence and suitability. He posted endless ludicrous defences of her despite overwhelming evidence of her lunacy in the way that only blind partisans can.

Eventually the reality-rhetoric gap (TM LibCync 2008, oh I've just googled the phrase and see that I'm not in any way original) got too much and he eventually admitted that she hadn't been a good choice (and went for Obama).

On Israel, Dale has again been blindly pushing Israel's line in spite of the damning evidence that might possible suggest that the situation is oh so slightly more nuanced (blinkered partisans don't do nuance it seems). Norfolk Blogger elequently describes Israels latest attrocities here so I won't repeat them but I do wonder how Dale will respond to Israel latest moves. Or maybe he'll just conveniently ignore them?

Given that this situation is a lot more two-sided than the Sarah Palin question, I wonder if a semi-U-turn can be expected from Dale or even an acknowledgement that there is another side?


Iain Dale said...

There is always another side and I have never said there isn't.

LibCync said...

Bah! I'm far too moderate, allowing you to respond to that bit in isolation!

Are we going for convenient ignorance of the latest atrocities by Israel?

Do you at least accept that Israel's tactics are ever so counter-productive (IMHO massively so, will radicalise a whole new generation, prolong the conflict for years and make the UK at higher risk from suicide attacks and will therefore make me less safe)?

Also what do you think of the IDF refuseniks: