Wednesday, 27 May 2009

BBC can't do maths. Alex Salmond can (for some value of can)

The Guardian's Media Monkey has the story.

Apparently in a BBC webcast, Alex Salmond was asked by a member of the public what 24 divided by zero (24/0) is. He, not unreasonably, said "infinity" (the proper answer is "undefined" but I'd give him that). The BBC presenter said this was wrong and the right answer was zero (sigh, this is the total opposite of being right!).

Funnily enough a newspaper then picked up this story and repeated the unfounded allegations (now where has this happened before?) about Mr Salmond's maths ability.

After a complaint to the PPC, the Scotsman had to apologise for it's article "Salmond stumped by a mother's maths question"!

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