Sunday, 24 May 2009

Have "The" Labour Party made a naming error?

I recently received my postal vote and on the ballot paper for the European election in the Eastern Region there are 15 parties listed. The parties are listed in alphabetical order, so the BNP is at number 2, the Conservatives at number 4, the Liberal Democrats at number 7 but "The Labour Party" due to their preceding "The" are way down at number 12 (UKIP are at 14). Without the "The" they would have been above us.

I know in these fevered times on the political blogosphere, this isn't very exciting by comparison, but surely the addition of the "The" and subsequent loss of position on the ballot is a bit of a tactical blunder by Labour?

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Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack said...

The inclusion of the work 'Labour' is surely the greatest naming error, as it implies they may actually be a vaguely left-wing, pro-working class party, which is surely counter to some kind of trades descriptions law.

"Tories Without Moats" may be a better name.