Tuesday, 12 May 2009

National Express trains to charge for reservations - appalled but not shocked

I would be shocked by the news that National Express is to charge £2.50 each way for a seat reservation if it wasn't the kind of thing I've come to expect.

I am appalled though!

This is effectively a mandatory charge as I can't imagine anyone in their right mind these days (except in a really off-peak time) booking a National Express East Coast ticket without a reservation.

Unless there are going to reduce the cost of the ticket accordingly? Are they B*ll****!

National Express said "We find that people are often reserving multiple seats as they're not sure which train they are going to catch."

Er, well don't let them then! Surely it's not beyond the wit of man?

The article also says that "National Express confirmed the charges will be introduced from this Sunday on some seat reservations on its East Coast route between London and Edinburgh and East Anglian routes through Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk."

I think you'd be lucky to manage to reserve a seat of any of their foul sub-standard trains through Hertfordshire (there aren't reservations)!

Jonathan Wallace will be pleased!

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