Wednesday, 27 May 2009

LibDems score well in MEP league of working for a more open, democratic EU

This Press Release from Open Europe contains the heartening news that Liberal Democrat MEPs beat both Labour and the Conservatives in their league table of UK MEPs' "openness" voting record.

We are beaten into 3rd place by both the Greens and the SNP who only have 2 MEPs apiece.

The other important point to take from this (bearing in mind Nigel Farage is on tomorrow's Question Time) is that UKIP are way down this league.

We should be shouting this from the rooftops!

Their league table looks like this:

Party Number of MEPs Average score per MEP

1. Green Party 2 39.5

2. Scottish National Party 2 38.5

3. Liberal Democrats 11 35

4. Conservative Party 28 29.5

5. Labour 19 29.3

6. Independents 4 26.75

7. UKIP 9 24.89

UPDATE: Looks like LibDemVoice beat me to it!

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