Friday, 8 May 2009

A cuddly Beatles-playing monkey toy

Just thought I'd blog about a gift I recently bought for a friend's child, so if they become really popular I can boast about being ahead of the curve!

I seem to have been going into out local "Childrens' boutique" Boutini a lot recently as many friends seem to be sprogging off all at the same time.

However, just the other day, I bought a monkey with a pullstring that plays "Let it be". It just really appealled to us. We actually saw it on a previous visit but had no occasion to buy it. Now Mrs. L is going to be seeing her goddaughter, we now have a reason!

The gift hasn't yet been given but no doubt the recipient's mother will wonder what we're on!
It's a shame we have to keep giving stuff away but I'm assured I can't be buying these things for myself! Although I noticed quite a cool crinkly mouse in there...

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